Laugh in your dentist chair

Laugh in your dentist chair

There is a thing such as dentist anxiety. The incredible nervousness in going to the dentist that can’t keep you sitting still, shaking, leaving immense tension in your body and not being able to stop the horrible thoughts in your mind expecting the worst pain possible. And this could all be induced by just a simple checkup. This leads to patients preferring to deal with their dental issues and never stepping forth in a dentist’s office. In this kind of situation, the doctor, wanting to help, might offer a well-known medicine that can help the patient relax and feel at calm at their dreaded chair. That medicine is of course nitrous oxide or more commonly known as, laughing gas.

Laugh in your dentist chair


We’ve seen our fair share in movies, comedies, cartoons and how eerie it can be in a horror movie or villainous, take the Joker from Batman for example. In reality, it is indeed quite a relief to the patient and it can help them get through such wide fears and preoccupations comfortably. They can relax in their chair without a worry of the expectant procedure, no matter how small or big it shall be. It is present throughout the whole treatment, giving the dentist the chance to go through with no barriers, interruptions or risks of really hurting the patient and scarring them. They’ll be awake through the process as this is not some kind of anesthesia. A local anesthetic will be placed no matter depending on the severity that will be dealt with to relieve of any discomfort.


The gas will be released under a mask and the patient will breathe it through their nose. The dentist controls the amount. Its effects take a while to be shown, but mostly you see it when the patience starts to relax no matter the intrusions the dentist makes and in some cases they do start to suddenly laugh which can be comical to all whose are present. But while it takes some slight time to be under it, it wears off rather quickly, gone in a couple of minutes after the mask is removed. There are no side effects and the patient will find themselves in normal behavior to be able to go through their day singularly without any kind of defects to return to their job, pick up their kids, eat out or even a night of dancing and partying. It was created mostly to help those who truly have a deep phobia for their visits, severely sensitive to pain, cannot keep still in their chair, bad gag reflexes or need a large amount of their teeth worked upon. When a child is highly uncooperative, they are allowed this kind of sedative.


And although all these positives, it is not recommended for absolutely everyone. Some with heavy conditions will not be allowed to be administrated under it. One example is pregnant women. This kind of treatment should never the less be discussed with a doctor and dentist to be sure it is the right thing for you.

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